Die hard Vim users naturally gravitate towards programs that try to bring the same keyboard-focused experience to other areas. You’re probably here because you use the(most excellent) ranger file manager on rxvt-unicode, but your image previews are broken - there’s flickering and thick black lines in them. For a while I simply resorted to firing up an instance of xterm when I needed to browse images, but recently fixed it as follows:

Get a urxvt with support for custom icons and backgrounds. You might have to download a patched version. For Arch Linux users, the rxvt-unicode-pixbuf package in the AUR is what you need. Install it with yaourt as follows:

_$ yaourt -S rxvt-unicode-pixbuf

This conflicts with, and will replace your existing install.

Next, put the following in your ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf:

set preview_images true
set preview_images_method urxvt

Optionally, you can have large previews that fill the entire terminal with the urxvt_full method.

set preview_images_method urxvt_full

And we’re done. Restart urxvt, browse to an image file, and revel in the knowlegde that you have one less reason to leave your terminal.